Taylor and Sons is a program and project management concentric company with the ability, experience and proven track record in forming design-build teams to handle any aspect of a project from concept through horizontal and vertical construction.

Taylor and Sons will plan, organize, and obtain all Federal, State and local permits, comply with environmental restrictions, promote absolute safety and risk management for all parties.

Taylor and Sons provides project management, design, and construction for clearing, erosion control, earth moving, final grading and underground utilities to include water, electrical, sewage, cable, pouring of concrete foundations, pilings, curb & gutter, and then we can continue to manage your project through the completion of construction.

Taylor and Sons is also positioned to support standard project finance options, creative bond financing , and public/private partnerships.

Taylor and Sons offers exceptional flexibility.  With T&S as your overall site development contractor, all the necessary resources will be brought together for that project.  We are customer focused!

Taylor and Sons is a Programs and Project Management concentric organization that brings professional estimating, cost controls, quality control and project management together under one business process.