Project Management Organization

Taylor & Sons executes your projects by assigning a Project Manager who will work with you and be responsible for the overall execution of the project from beginning to end.  This life cycle management of your project provides you several benefits.

The primary benefit is increased quality and customer satisfaction through the use of customer-focused teamwork.  The process also requires our Project Managers to build effective communications into all activities and processes.  It is not possible to produce quality projects or maintain quality relationships without this type of communication.  Communication is the starting point and is essential to foster cooperation and to understand requirements and expected outcomes.  Effective and credible communications must be applied from project planning through project completion.

The Project Manager works with customers early in the project planning process to determine what the customer needs and to refine those requirements in light of safety, fiscal, schedule, and other constraints.

We plan for quality, rather than trying to review or inspect it. We believe in doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time.  We build trust with customers and coworkers by clarifying expectations and only making commitments we are prepared to keep.

And finally, Taylor & Sons strives to use the best practices in the construction industry and we seek continuous improvement in our processes.